TRANS : EP and UK tour


TRANS EPLast summer’s introductory press release for improvisational group Trans left much to the imagination. Time revealed that positioned at London Right was mesmeric guitar shaman Bernard Butler, and at Glasgow Left was Jackie McKeown, frontman of 70s NYC punk influenced band 1990s, whose second album had been produced by Butler in 2009.
The choice of TRANS’ name, of course, was an enticingly deliberate announcement of impermanence. But the very European moniker also suggested motion – entirely in keeping with the sound of four track debut EP TRANS RED, issued on Rough Trade in October. If the message was oblique, the method of delivery was not; jammed out somewhere between the metrononic engine of Krautrock and the taut push-pull of Television’s MARQUEE MOON.
TRANS GREEN, a second four track EP, will be issued on March 10th through Rough Trade. It comprises THINKING ABOUT A FRIEND, TANGERINE, THE PRINCE and LIGHTS. Available as an online MP3 bundle or limited 12” vinyl (including a download), TRANS GREEN can be pre-ordered here. Following a London concert date in mid-February, TRANS will tour the UK during March.