WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE: Utterly charming. Break out the ukes, the banjos, the xylophones and the harmoniums. Lisa Hannigan’s second album expands pleasingly on the promise of her first. Written whilst on tour, this album sees Lisa hit the road where 2008’s SEA SEW stayed mostly small and home by the seashore-cottage fireside. The cosiness is still apparent, but journeys (emotional and actual) are a recurring theme. HOME is anthemic and yearning, SAFE TRAVELS (DON’T DIE) is really sweetly worded mumsying to a tripper, and PASSENGER is an almost diary-like travelogue-come-love-letter.
WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?: Fusing that Mitchell / Rusby / Simone / Joplin voice to a rustic neo-folk and occasionally Bjorkish squint at the world, then filtering the lot through Hannigan’s unique charms offers something very special which gets under your skin and stays there.
GOES WELL WITH: Country walks, sunshine, water, forests, firesides, trains, staring out the window on planes. It has something (usually off-kilter, but never dangerous enough to threaten) for every mood.
MIGHT SUIT PEOPLE WHO LIKE…  … The film Amelie if it had been set in rural Ireland.